Ask your doctor for a referral if you notice any of these symtoms…

Speech Therapy

  • Difficult to understand
  • Stuttering
  • Difficulty understanding what is said
  • Difficulty following verbal instructions
  • Difficulty learning to read or understanding what he/she reads
  • Difficulty expressing or organizing thoughts
  • Does not talk as well or as much as peers
  • Swallowing or oral motor problems
  • Non-verbal

Occupational Therapy

  • Sensitive to touch, sounds, food textures, or movement
  • Coordination and balance problems
  • Difficulty with fine motor or gross motor skills
  • Difficulty with dressing, toileting and other self-care tasks
  • Difficulty feeding himself

Assistive Technology

In addition to traditional speech and language evaluations and therapy, we can evaluate for and recommend appropriate augmentative communication devices to “speak” for individuals who cannot speak. We can also assist with procuring funding for these devices.

We do not sell any devices or equipment or represent any manufacturers, so we can freely recommend appropriate technology (low to high) to meet your particular needs and abilities.

Detailed information about the services we offer is available on subsequent pages.