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Aphasia & Adult Communication Problems

We have talked about speech and language disorders that affect primarily children; but adults can have communication problems, as well, and it can be frustrating for the patient and for the family. There are a few things that can cause communication problems in adults, including stroke, head injury, head-neck cancers, dementias, and various progress neurological […]

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

They work with “r,” right? They work with “s,” right? They are in the schools, right? Yes, we do work with “r” and “s,” and yes, we are found in schools, but that is only the beginning. Speech-language pathologists work in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation facilities and private practice. Let’s talk about who might […]

When Should I be Worried About my Child’s Speech or Language?

First off, there is a wide range of “normal” among very young children. The information I will be giving you is based upon researched “averages.” Every child matures and develops at his/her own rate, and “average” does not apply to one individual child. Having said that, it is helpful to have some idea of what […]